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How to get your website indexed fast.
Purpose of the tool:
1. It helps your website to get index fast by viewing following sites with your domain name on.
2. You get better idea and more understanding about your site how other tools appraise and estimate your site value and traffic
3. To understand more about your server relationships with others in the world.
4. Expose your website to those big sites can stable your website index.
5. Make up your young website become an older website for major search engines' data centers.
6. Stabilize your website index status on major search engines for better higher ranking SERPs ( Search Engine Result Pages ) .

Here is a fast way to get your new domain website indexed.
Note : Some sites may work for www. some work without www.
Note : You may only see difference for "new" site.

Step 1: enter your website domain name here
http:// after you submit you will see your website links.

To understand: How the tool works for your new website to get index on search engines fast.
Following are websites can crawl your site and create more chances to get index on search engines.
Step 1 : You enter your domain above.
Step 2 : Click and submit your query.
Step 3 : The links will show at bellow.
Step 4 : You need to click and visit these link sites. These sites will auto crawl your site and create a your site info. Usually they will also create a link to your new site and list your site as a new add site.

Note: You may check all external links see sites are safe or not safe before you use their links.

The website you are adding : ok ok
Whois Record / Site Profile / Registration / Server Stats ok ok ok ok ok ok*/ ok
Internet Archive Wayback Machine

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A big tip for you:
SeoSerp will update and check all the above websites often.
So you can post this page URL to your site.
Search engines will crawl all the above links.
It will be even better if you can click these sites every month or couple months to update your site info which are listed on them.

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