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The safe site checker is based on Google safe browsing  diagnostic.

1 What is the current listing status for [the site in question]?
Google display the current listing status of a site and also information on how often a site or parts of it were listed in the past.

2 What happened when Google visited this site?
This section includes information on when Google analyzed the page, when it was last malicious, what kind of malware Google encountered and so fourth. To help web masters clean up their site, we also provide information about the sites that were serving malicious software to users and which sites might have served as intermediaries.

3 Has this site acted as an intermediary resulting in further distribution of malware?
Here Google provide information if this site has facilitated the distribution of malicious software in the past. This could be an advertising network or statistics site that accidentally participated in the distribution of malicious software.

4 Has this site hosted malware?
Here Google provide information if the the site has hosted malicious software in the past.
Google also provide information on the victim sites that initiated the distribution of malicious software.

The Info source from: Google

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