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Tips: Good keywords with good backlinks do affect your site SERP.
page rankings: 1000 SERPs Top Position Rankings web tool

FAQ: When and why to use the top 1000 SERP checker web tool? Google Search Engine Results Page can only do the search setting from 1 to 100 for each search. Here SeoSerp web tool can check up to 1000 each time for each click search. Search Engine Results Page is a very important issue for being SEO if you are not listed in top 1000 ranking results for those important keywords searching then you are out of business. Means your site has no weight at all if not in top #1000. Another way to say: your site will gain very little traffic because you are out of 1000. If you are doubt about the SERP tool search results then you may double check Google search results.
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Some Google SERP useful tips for you guys: Read it before you use the SERP tool to check top 1000 rankings.
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You may try num=50 or num=100. Most of time when you use num>10 the SERPs will list all same domain name sites together at once. Though results may different but basic your competitors may still the same. Be aware that Google update Data Centers info or switch DCs very often and affect SERPs changed swiftly.  So the SERP tool still give you very good information. With above enough SERP knowledge you shall be more easy to understand how and why to use the Google search engine result check tool.
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FAQ: Why SERP is important for a company? It is easy to see a real famous product seller or producer shall have popular high ranking keyword SERP. Otherwise, how to tell the company is famous? Why sometimes the SERPs are different from one place to another location or one time and another time? It is because Google search engines include many many DBs hard drivers and locate around all over the world and update and adding new data all the time. If you are doubt about the SERP pagerank checker tool search results then you may double check Google search results.